Monday, July 6, 2015

Google Slides Newsletter vs. Smore Flyer

So I went the unorthodox route and created a newsletter with Cindy using Google Slides. I first found a really cute newsletter template on Teachers Pay Teachers that was originally a PowerPoint file. When I uploaded it to Google Drive, it wasn't perfect. But it was a good start. Here is the link to the free template. Once you create your template on Google Slides, it is so easy to change the background color, theme and clipart. Speaking of clipart, I have found the most amazing seller on TPT that posts tons of free clipart. Just make sure you credit her if you use it in your newsletter (the cupcake above is hers), presentation or product. Krista Wallden makes really cute clipart and most of it is free. Click here to see her store. I've used Smore before to create Field Trip newsletters 

I like Smore because it is easy to use and looks SUPER professional. BUT it doesn't allow me to collaborate like Google Slides does. Maybe I'm missing something. Feel free to leave comments below if you have found a way to collaborate on Smore in real-time. 

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