Thursday, June 19, 2014

ActivInspire and Class Flow

ActivInspire has always been a mystery to me. It always looked promising and fun, but not the most user-friendly. Today Angie and Diane helped us get started and we found a TON of free flip charts already made on Teachers Pay Teachers and Promethean Planet. Here are a few pics of flip charts that I found today. The last picture is just a fun flip chart where kids can play tic-tac-toe. Maybe I can let the kids play it on, "Meet the Teacher." :) I love that we can import ActivInspire flip charts right into ClassFlow. Can't wait to be completely digital so I can use ClassFlow every day!
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  1. HI Ashley - I was in the ActivInspire workshop with you today. I tried to post a picture of one of the Flipcharts I made on my blog, but it would not copy. How did you do it? Thanks for getting back to me! You can e-mail me at: