Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Pinterest/TPT Pick-Me-Up

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When I first started teaching, I was stumped and had a hard time thinking of new/interesting ideas on how to teach curriculum. I wanted the lessons to be engaging, fun and I also wanted to get away from doing "worksheets." I needed a pick-me-up! But I didn't know where to look for ideas. I was amazed at all of the creative ideas and cute stuff that my friend, Tiffani, continued to find! I asked her where she was finding all of these cool resources and she began to tell me about Pinterest. Pinterest is like Google with pictures. You can find ideas about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. When I'm not browsing teaching ideas, I look at the women's fashion ideas on Pinterest. They also have recipes and ideas for gifts. It's an amazing app and resource!

Still stuck? Need another pick-me-up? An equally amazing website/app is Teachers Pay Teachers. I know what you're thinking. Why would I pay for teaching resources? The awesome thing about TPT is that you can search just for resources that are FREE (When you are searching, click on free which is on the left side-bar). And believe me! They have a TON of free resources. Yes. I have paid for a few things here and there. But only because it saved me a lot of time not having to reinvent the wheel. Sometimes paying $3.50 is worth it, when you can spend a Saturday by the pool instead of working.

Just remember...the best teachers SHARE, beg, borrow and steal great ideas!


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